God's Ivy Cakes  - "Custom Heavenly Homemade Cakes."
Additional Services
Programs, Invitations, Personalized Gift Baskets, and Invitation Packets. 

  • Programs: from $50 and up

  • Invitations: from $75 and up

  • Invitation Mailing Pkg: from $40 and up

(typed and printed return and address labels)

  • Table Arrangements: Delivery and Assembly is $35 per hour

  • Party Favors: labor from $35 and up (based on labor and assembly needed)

  • Wedding Brooms: $75 and up (based on design)

  • Wedding and Party Consultation Fee: $250 (included with select packages)

  • Personalized Gift Baskets: from $35 and up

  • Diaper Cakes for Baby Showers: from $55 and up

  • Decor Cost ($250 and up per planner plus materials)